Betfair choose Deluxe Corporation

Breaking news: Betfair, the world's leading online betting exchange have commissioned Deluxe Corporation to produce a series of interactive widgets to promote markets and prices on their website.

The widgets take a live feed of the historical odds from Betfair's servers (we're pretty sure that this is the first time this has been done for an 'official' Betfair application) and we think they are very funky...

Utilising Deluxe Corporation's unique 'Betstacker' technology, the widgets take a live feed of the latest odds and display the markets in friendly form with annotated information to explain the key shifts and market movements.

The first of these widgets is already live on the Betfair site, promoting the London Mayoral elections - 'Ken v Boris'!

There are two widgets available - a 'smooth' version, and a 'tech' version with more detailed analysis. The widgets were delivered against a very tight deadline, with only ten days available from concept to creation. They are hosted on Deluxe Corporations servers, with data pulled in real-time via Betfairs API.

Here they are:

There's an online collection of all of our widgets at